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Free French courses and exercises
  1. 1. Watch the Sunset from the Eiffel Tower
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1. Watch the Sunset from the Eiffel Tower

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Discover More. View All Stories. Place the skillet over medium-low heat.

The key to this recipe is to cook the toast low and slow so the batter cooks through without scorching. Dip a bread slice briefly into the batter. Coat both sides but do not soak. Gently shake the slice of bread to remove excess batter.

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Add the bread slice to the skillet and repeat with another slice. Fry until golden brown on each side if the toast is taking an excessively long time to brown, the heat may be too low; increase the heat slightly.

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Test each piece in the center with your finger to make sure the batter is cooked through and toast has firmed up. Transfer to a plate and place in a low oven while repeating the process with additional slices.

Learn french in France - Our french language school

Re-wipe the skillet with the oily paper towel before adding more battered bread add a little more oil if needed. Over the years I have produced a set of vegan cookbooks.

Shocked and confused, the woman has no choice but to travel to the prison in a remote region of the country in search of an explanation. So begins the story of a battle against this impenetrable fortress, the prison where the forces of social evil are constantly at work. Braving violence and humiliation, in the face of all opposition, our protagonist embarks on a blind quest for justice.

Free French courses and exercises

The film was shot in Latvia and Lithuania. A Gentle Creature is a brutally realist movie — at least at first — that takes its heroine on a pilgrimage into the vast, trackless forest of national suffering. Yet it does this with an unsettling, accelerating pattern of eerie coincidences and echoes, which finally mutates into a kind of satirical expressionism — a set-piece flourish which some might consider a bit of a narrative evasion or even an undermining of that basis of authenticity on which we had understood the movie. But it certainly provides a convulsive, if not cathartic kind of horror.

The Gentle Hook | Samuel French

His portrait of Russia at the Revolution's centenary depicts a civil society that collapsed long ago and whose citizens are too shattered to care. All kinds of grim, including both the good and the bad kinds, A Gentle Creature Krotkaya from Belarus-born director Sergei Loznitsa peers deep into the Russian soul and finds there an unfathomable blackness. Only tenuously related to the Dostoyevsky story of the same name and the film adaptation of that source material by Robert Bresson, this harrowing tale revolves around a stoical unnamed woman Vasilina Makovtseva stuck in a nightmarish Siberian prison town.

Although there are piercing echoes here of absurdist fiction by Nikolai Gogol, Franz Kafka and others, as well as mythical journeys to the underworld, Loznitsa's approach is uniquely cinematic and of a piece with his earlier work, both his two previous fiction features, My Joy and In the Fog , as well as his many potent, minimalist documentaries, like Maidan and Austerlitz. Every individual has their own personal hell. By the same merit, there can be a 'personal hell' for entire nations.

There are numerous books Gogol, Dostoevkiy, Saltykov-Shedrin and films Leviathan, Loveless among latest ones about the nature of Russia's 'own demons'.

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Loznitsa's latest film Gentle Creature is yet another volume that touches upon the same topic. Just like in Kafka, everything emanates hostility.