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  1. Decoding Madonna’s Disturbing “God Control” Video
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Decoding Madonna’s Disturbing “God Control” Video

Throughout her life Rachel has been encouraged and supported to live from her light. Through her journey of teaching yoga, Rachel desires to inspire others to live passionately and feel their own light so that they may illuminate the world. Rachel loves connecting with others and offers a safe space of acceptance and opportunities to discover how yoga can inspire your day to day.

Leslie moved to Leadville in and fell in love with the sense of security living in the mountains brings. She has been a practicing student, teacher and friend of yoga for over a decade, and is constantly intrigued by the connection of body and mind.

She is trained in Hatha yoga, but really just enjoys getting together on the mat and exploring all of the interesting things yoga adds to life. Now, after nearly 20 years of formally practicing Yoga, I am still inspired and comforted by the practice. I love to teach. Teaching deepens my own understanding and embodiment and connects me sweetly with others.

It's empowering to see people light up with what's possible; whether it be a pose, philosophy, emotion I love being a witness for that.

ray of light

She came to yoga at first in gyms and local community based practices searching for a balance and community. She soon found that yoga is much more than a physical practice and that is brings balance, peace, and healing to one's life. Sarah is also a trained MSW social worker and therapist and became a yoga teacher to bring more healing modalities to the lives of her clients and community.

Sarah believes yoga is for everyone and the lessons we learn on our mats can be carried with us into our daily lives shaping healthier, happier, stronger communities.