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Published by Gangemi, Roma About this Item: Gangemi, Roma, Ottime condizioni Collana: -. More information about this seller Contact this seller 6. More information about this seller Contact this seller 7. From: Libro Co. Condition: new. Santarcangelo di Romagna, ; br. Qualche studente inizia a sedersi sui banchi sparsi. Entro nell'aula deserta.

’Strains of New Beauty’: Handel and the Pleasures of Italian Opera, 1711–28

I temi e gli argomenti di cui parlare sono tanti, troppi; quelli inutili scompaiono piano piano. I pensieri che macino nella mente da giorni iniziano a ridursi all'essenziale, forse. Iniziano a entrare alla spicciolata gli studenti del primo anno; sono proprio giovani. Un po' alla volta arrivano tutti; due parole con gli altri docenti e assistenti, qualche commento, qualche sguardo alla massa di giovani, un po' di concentrazione e poi via. More information about this seller Contact this seller 8. From: Il Salvalibro s.

Condition: New.

Laura Pausini lyrics

Mm x Brossura editoriale di pagine, ricco apparato iconografico a colori e in nero. Libro in condizioni di nuovo.

Terremoto in Messico: onde anomale nei canali di Xochimilco

More information about this seller Contact this seller 9. Published by Gangemi Editore About this Item: Gangemi Editore, Roma, ; br. Arti Visive, Architettura e Urbanistica. L'altezza degli edifici varia gradualmente da nove a sette, a cinque piani e viceversa. More information about this seller Contact this seller Franco Albini Franca Helg. About this Item: Condition: New. Published by Gangemi, Italy About this Item: Gangemi, Italy, Language: Italian. Brand New Book. Seller Inventory LIO Published by Vigieffe About this Item: Vigieffe, Illustrated throughout.

Seller Inventory A Published by Prina Vittorio S. D, Pavia. About this Item: Prina Vittorio S.

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Condition: Usato come nuovo. Lingua: Italiano. Seller Inventory AA I lived in a culture and in a household that spoke English—the uncle and aunt with whom I lived for the first two years spoke Italian and did to me at the beginning, but ran the household and communicated with each other and their children in English. And I was fifteen and in school, at St. And school fills the whole day in this country. After a few days or a week of orientation with a girl named Roberta who knew Italian, I was on my own. In a fog, a dark wood. My school girl French! But I did not know English and she did not Italian.

French was the only language we had in common.

Neither French nor Italian, however, helped me with the pronuncia- tion of English vowels, the a in cat, the o in got and i in pit being very diffi- cult. Not to my ear.

The Italian anomaly - Stefania Milan,

At that point, no one mentioned dia- lectal variations. It was hard to lift words and phrases out the common run of the spoken language.

To understand my Aunt and the older Italians, especially my land- lady when I was in college, who did not speak English and did not speak Italian, the father tongue, I had to learn the Italian-American dialect which Ferdinando Alfonsi Almanacco, has called Italese, and which is made up of English words with Italian suffixes. And with English meanings even when the made-up word corresponds to an actual word in the Italian lan- guage.

I never spoke this dialect myself, but I needed to know it. My landlady spoke a mixture of an Italian vernacular mixed with this Italian American dialect. In all of these exchanges, losses and gains. I went to see American movies, and they were no longer dubbed. Although this might seem a gain, I perceived it as a loss. I could no longer lose myself in a movie. And I was also expected to read American and English books in the original, a long time- consuming process. What an innocent I had been abroad in my own coun- try.

I had watched American movies dubbed in Italian and had asked no questions, seen no discrepancies. I never no- ticed how the lips moved.

KudoZ™ translation help

Or whether the gestures did not go with the words. What if cowboys spoke in long musical sentences instead of mono- syllables? I had never heard a cowboy speak English, neither in real life nor in a movie. How was I supposed to know that certain taciturn, reticent types went with certain landscapes? When I came to the States and told my new friends about this wonderful western I had seen, which starred Alan Ladd against the background of gorgeous mountain peaks, and they said, Shane, I did not recognize the title.

In this case too, I had not been much aware of the translation, neither of the movie nor of the title. Still, the amazing thing is that the story, and in the case of Shane, the nobil- ity of the character and the strong theme came across despite the differ- ences. I had the same experience discussing the movie Julius Caesar, which I had seen in Italian. The famous speeches and the key scenes had all come across. The mediums in this famously well-acted and produced movie had been the drama, the pictures, the force of the personalities brought to the screen by the actors, with the language, even in Italian, acquiring authority from them, aside from what the translator had been able to do, which I was not in a position to judge.

I was then the person for which translation is meant. Perhaps this is a commonplace which we sometimes forget. But, then, how could they? English has great synthetic power, and Shakespeare is master of syntactic conci- sion, a great inventor of verbs; while the forte of Italian is the strong phrase, the musical phrase. When I was growing up I never considered translation as one version of the original.

I had no idea what the differences between the two might be, the different approaches and complementary results, or that different versions might be needed for different purposes.

Read PDF QUATTRO GIORNI dOMBRA (Italian Edition)

Despite a spoken ver- nacular that deviated in major ways from Italian, which was in fact an- other language; despite the study of Latin and French, I took translations into Italian for granted just as the natives of any place take their language and mores for granted --as the only way something is said and done. Translation, in this frame of reference, is seen as the same piece of writing with the very same words but in a different lan- guage.

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I did not entertain the idea that translators have to interpret what they read, and may interpret the same passage differently, or that if a word is ambiguous in one language, the same word might not be in another lan- guage.