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Encouragement spirituel, réflexion sur les signes des temps et défense de la foi catholique
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In fact, the Epicureanism of his later years masks an anxiety about death and the hereafter.

Later writings

In the former, the aristocracy Prospero and Ariel loses to democracy Caliban because alchemical spells traditional sanctions are powerless against a people infected by positivism; scientific power politics would be an effective answer, but this is out of the question because in practice it would mean a clerical monarchy.

In the Souvenirs Renan is too serene for some tastes, though his irony keeps his complacency in check. Thus, it revived his own faith.

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With his leanings toward liberalism and authoritarianism in politics and faith and skepticism in religion , Renan embodied the contradictions of the middle class of his time. He succeeded in assuaging one of the great anxieties of his time, the antagonism between science and religion, but he very much felt this anxiety. You are using an outdated browser.

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Copy of on papier velin, with elaborate decorative borders and red silk endpapers. Notes the catalogue: "An elaborate bibliophilic project direct by Octave Uzanne in iconic symbolist style: a collection of four stories, each with a different illustrative scheme. One of copies on japon and signed.

An unnumbered copy, one of , illustrated with woodcuts printed in color. The last Nyctalope story was the novella Rien qu'une nuit Only One Night , taking place in , in which the Nyctalope appears to have succumbed to the charms of collaboration with the Nazis.

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Two more uncompleted Nyctalope novels were finished and published by La Hire's son-in-law in and Louis de Ciserat. Oxus and Fulbert use the water-breathing Hictanel to try to take over the world but are defeated by the Hictaner's father, engineer Charles Severac. The Hictaner marries Oxus' daughter, Moisette.